VIII Doctoral School


The call is extended until 04/15/2023


URUGUAY, JULY 24-28, 2023.


The Latin American Association of Social Studies of Science and Technology (ESOCITE), with the support of CYTED through the CTI Policy Laboratory Network: Locally Transferable Models (PCyT-Lab), convenes the VIII Doctoral School of Social and Political Studies on Science and Technology of ESOCITE that will take place from July 24 to 28, 2023, at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. This edition of the Doctoral School will be carried out in conjunction with the Network for the Study of Sciences and Knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean (RECSLAC), and the Center for Historical Studies of the University of Maryland in the United States, with the support of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT). The school seeks to bring together 25 to 30 young researchers whose doctoral theses are in advanced stages to collectively review and discuss their research questions and designs, the methodologies used, and the advances made in new doctoral research in the field of Social Studies, Political and Historical of Science, Technology and Society.

The main objective of this meeting is to create a space for meeting and dialogue between established researchers and young researchers whose academic training is in the STS field in Latin America, with a representation of young researchers from Latin American countries and the United States. This space seeks to contribute to the research progress of doctoral theses and strengthen national, regional and international research networks. We call on advanced PhD students to submit their contribution proposals, which must meet the following points:

  • Submit an abstract of up to 1200 words (without counting title, personal and affiliation data, and bibliography).
  • Include: title, student’s name, graduate program name, abstract, and bibliography.
  • The summary must present the topic being worked on, the conceptual and methodological approach, the main advances made in data collection and analysis, and a preview or projection of the conclusions.
  • The summary must be endorsed by the respective thesis director, by means of a signed note.
  • The supported languages are Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • Proposals must be sent in Word or ODT file.


The Scientific Committee of the VII ESOCITE Doctoral School will evaluate the proposals received according to their quality and relevance in the CTS field. Between 25 and 30 works will be accepted according to a reasonable representation of gender, countries and institutions.

The reception of the proposals and final works will be done through the form in this link. Queries will be received via email:


  • Reception of proposals: until March 31, 2023. The call is extended until 04/15/2023
  • Communication of accepted proposals: April 30, 2023.
  • Reception of complete papers: June 10, 2023



Scientific comittee

Dr. Ronald Cancino (Chile)

Dr. Eduardo Robles (México)

Dr. Carlos Bianchi (Uruguay)

Dra. Isabel Bortagaray (Uruguay)

Dr. Andrés Gómez (Chile)

Dra. Belen Albornoz (Ecuador)

Dra. Adriana Feld (Argentina)

Dra. Hebe Vessuri (Venezuela)

Dr. Pablo Kreimer (Argentina)

Dr. Nelson Arellano (Chile)

Dr. Alexis Hjalmar Alberto De Greiff (Colombia)

Dra. Laura Chazaro (México)

Dr. Thiago da Costa Lopes (Brasil)


Organizing comittee

Dr. Amilcar Davyt (Uruguay)

Dr. Luciano Levin  (Argentina)

Dra. Karin Rosemblatt (U.S.A.)

Dra. Noela Invernizzi (Brasil)

Dra. Sonia Robles (U.S.A.)

Dr. Fernando Herrera (Ecuador)